Urgent Actions

Stand with EILER! Hands off Civil Society Organizations!

Stand with EILER! Hands off Civil Society Organizations!

In the spirit of defending our fundamental freedoms, we inform you of the continuing saga of red-tagging by the Philippine government to civil society organizations, specifically, the intensifying harassment and attacks on labor organizations and church people.

The Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER) urge our partners, civil society organizations and trade unions to stand in solidarity with EILER in condemning the attacks and in defending our democratic rights. We kindly ask for you to:

1) Issue statements supporting EILER’s call for defending labor rights and defending our institution so that we may continue serving the workers. You may also include our publicly-shared photos from any joint activities of our organizations and the hashtags below for online posting.

2) Issue statements supporting Otto’s mission to the Philippines.

3) Share our campaign to stop red-tagging and hold those in power accountable for perpetuating the culture of impunity.

4) Endorse our statement by affixing your signature.

Our calls:

No to Red-tagging!
Hands off Otto! Hands off Labor Rights Defenders!

Research and education work is not a crime!
Stand with EILER! Hands off civil society organizations!