Commission on Human Rights
March 26, 2021

Statement of CHR spokesperson, Atty. Jacqueline de Guia, on attacks and harassments against union leaders and members
In the current climate of hostility faced by rights groups, many union leaders – including their kin, friends, and colleagues – are beset with fear for their life and security. Reports and complaints alleging threats, intimidation, and harassment from State agents and vigilantes alike continue to come in despite repeated plea to protect the rights of activists and union leaders.

CHR continues to denounce any form of attack against members of rights groups and its leaders. The government has the obligation to protect the rights of all regardless of ideology and political affiliation. Accusations or actions against activists and union leaders must be done following due process, guidelines, and civil service ethics that are established to protect human rights.

Security services of the government is for everyone and must never be used to attack nor harass opposing voices. The urgency of this situation has been repeatedly stressed and we continue to clamor for concrete action from the government to stop further attacks and repression against union groups and its leaders. ###