CHRP-UK Statement of condemnation of the Bloody Sunday Killings

The UK Campaign For Human Rights in the Philippines is shocked and outraged at the arbitrary killing of nine activists in simultaneous police and military operations in Batangas, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal provinces surrounding metro Manila in the Philippines in the early hours of Sunday morning.

These dedicated activists were involved in supporting the rights of workers, of the homeless and of fishing communities. They had already been publicly tagged by the police as “terrorists”. It is a process that has shown once more that what the Duterte regime calls counter-terrorism, is nothing more than the cold-blooded extrajudicial murder by the state of legitimate human rights defenders.

The Office of the UN High Commission on Human Rights has strongly condemned these killings. We call on all UN Member States, especially those who are members of the UN Human Rights Council, to fulfil their responsibility to uphold international standards of human rights and to bring the Philippines Government to account for its murderous abuses.

CHRP-UK has already been working with UK Parliamentarians to demand that the UK Government cease sending any form of military or counter-terrorism assistance to the Philippines, at a time when President Duterte openly urges his military to “kill kill kill” under the guise of counter-terrorism, those engaged in peaceful and legal opposition to his government.

We shall continue this campaign with added urgency in the wake of these new killings and the intensified terrorist-tagging “kill kill kill” strategy of the Philippines Government.