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8 October 2020

Rise Up Families dismayed by latest resolution of UNHRC

Rise Up families and advocates, including parents, spouses, children and other relatives of those who have been victims of Pres. Duterte regime’s brutal killing and human rights violations expressed dismay with the UNHRC resolution made yesterday.

“In the report by United Nations High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, there is a clear condemnation of violations of human rights here in the Philippines. These abuses are felt by and continue to be felt by most Filipinos, especially the poor. However, strong action was not reflected in the UNHRC resolution yesterday,” said Llore Benedicto from Rise Up, who two son’s were viciously slain by the police under Duterte’s so-called ‘War on Drugs.’

“To be frank, we lack trust in the government, and its agencies (for example the Inter-Agency Task Force under the DOJ Investigating Team), because they have been implicated in such human rights violations,” she added.

Rise Up assailed the Philippine government that if they had any aim to solve killings and other human rights violations, they would have acted earlier.

“In the four years that the current administration has been in office, they are only beginning to act now. This is because they are receiving widespread criticisms and pressure from the international community,” said Llore Benedicto.

Determined to hold Pres. Duterte’s regime accountable for its human rights abuses and violations, Rise Up has been engaging the United Nations as part of the efforts of the Ecumenical Voice for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines.

“In March, this year, I joined a team of churches and advocates that attended the UNHRC sessions in Geneva. I shared not only my testimony, but also the accounts of many mothers, children, siblings. We hoped they would help with our dire situation. The killings and harassments continue to ravage and sow fear in local communities throughout the country,” said Llore Benedicto.

“This latest resolution and session of the UNHRC is a disappointment. We still need and hope to have an independent investigation, so that the truth about the killings of our loved ones will come out. One way ahead is to go to different countries, so our stories will be heard. We need help from the international community to stop the killings,” added LLore Benedicto.

Thanking church advocates, various organizations, human rights defenders and lawyers that have been with them, the families of the victims of Pres. Duterte’s killings vowed not stop fighting and persevering to achieve justice, despite their fears and threats to their lives.

“We call on the International Criminal Court and the United Nations and other international formations and bodies to help us exposing the truth so that the killings will end, so that no more families will experience the unbearable sadness and hardships that we have,” said Llore Benedicto. ##

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