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Many of you will be aware of this horrific killing and taking your own actions on it, but we wanted to share with you our statement on the murder of Dennis Sequeña , our close labor rights partner in the Philippines. He was shot in broad daylight as he was leaving a training with workers in the Cavite ecozone, just 16 km south of Manila. He joins a growing list of community organizers in the Philippines who were killed because of their work – one particular modus is in fact so common now that the phrase “riding in tandem” connotes hired guns on motorcycles out to kill.

Our colleagues have had the honor of working with Dennis on a few cases in apparel and electronics. His strength and power conquered a highly repressive environment that wants to crush independent organizing.

We are trying to highlight calls for an investigation, and working with contacts in the Senate to galvanize further action.

Please help spread our call for an investigation by retweeting this statement:

The full statement is available here:ña

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre condemns the killing of Filipino labour leader, Dennis Sequeña | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre condemns the violent murder of Dennis Sequeña. We send our condolences to his family and colleagues at this difficult time. On Sunday, 2nd June 2019, Sequeña was conducting a labour rights seminar with workers from an eco-zone in Cavite, Philippines, where …
Please also let us know if you are doing anything else to support Dennis’ family and colleagues, so that we can coordinate efforts.

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Ana Zbona
Project Manager
Civic Freedoms & Human Rights Defenders Project

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Skype: azbonabhrrc

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