June 29, 2019

Hon Senator Marise Payne
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Support UN Fact-Finding Mission to the Philippine at UN
Human Right Council

Dear Minister,
The human rights situation in the Philippines is getting worse as each day passes. The attacks including the smear campaign or red-tagging against human rights defenders, indigenous people, critics, opposition, journalists and even lawyers, have become more vicious, routine and relentless.

The hideous extrajudicial killings in the cruel “drug war” by the present Philippine government have reached incredible proportions, victimizing mostly the helpless and hapless poor. The various attacks against human rights workers have escalated with even bolder impunity.

The international community needs to continue to call on the Philippine government to abide by its commitments and responsibilities under international human rights law and instruments.

Recently, an unprecedented Resolution endorsed by 11 UN human rights Special Rapporteurs has called for an urgent independent investigation into the “staggering” number of killings in the Philippines. This Resolution is expected to be up for a vote in the 47-member UN Human Rights Council in
Geneva, Switzerland this first week of July.

We believe that it is crucial that this Resolution be passed favourably. So it is imperative that the Australian government support and vote in favour of this Resolution in Geneva.

We expect that over and above the bilateral interests between the Australian government and the Duterte administration, you will stand with the Filipino people who are under siege in this crucial time. They need the majority of the UNHRC to uphold our common concern for human rights, basic
due process and human life itself.

Yours sincerely,
Chairperson, Global Council,
International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines
Cc Senator Penny Wong; Senator Richard Di Natale; Julia Dean; Ms Michelle Bachelet OHCHR; Australian
Permanent Mission to UN Geneva; Karapatan