Alfreda Disbarro has been released! Thanks to everyone who took action for her case, as one of Amnesty UK’s Individuals at Risk in The Philippines.

On 3 October 2013, Alfreda Disbarro was at an internet café near her house in Parañaque when police officers approached her and accused her of being a drug dealer. She denied the allegation and to prove she was not carrying drugs, emptied her pockets, which contained a mobile phone and a five-peso coin. Without warning the officers pointed a gun at her and punched her in the chest.

Alfreda, a mother of two, was taken to the police headquarters where she says police officers pinned her against a wall, repeatedly punched her in the face and stomach, hit her with a club, poked their fingers in her eyes, slapped her, forced a mop into her mouth, and banged her head against a wall. They then beat her with a wooden stick and a metal bar.

During the past few years, there has been no new information of her, and so today’s news from Amnesty Philippines is all the more welcome.

Huw Jones
Country Co-ordinator – The Philippines Amnesty International