Press Release
10 April 2018

Reference: Ma Wan-Ki
Convenor, HKCAHRPP
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No welcome for a tyrant and a fascist

Human rights groups and activists are gearing up to show condemnation of the widespread human rights violations happening in the Philippines and the strong arm rule of Philipine Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

As HK authorities prepare to host the 3-day visit of Duterte, the HK Campaign for the Advancement of Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines (HKCAHRPP) said that “a tyrant and a fascist deserves no warm welcome” in the city.

“With thousands of deaths from his mindless war on drugs, displacement and killings due to militarization and bombings in rural areas, arbitrary arrests of activists, and the Martial Law in Mindanao that is creeping throughout the country, human rights supporters and peace-loving people in HK cannot stand and welcome a murderous president to the city,” said Ma Wan-Ki of the HKCAHRPP and executive committee member of the League of Social Democrats 社會民主連線(LSD).

“President Duterte is a tyrant who has no regard for due process and check and balance, and has no respect for human rights. He is a fascist who muzzles even the media and the courts, and who resorts to brutality to get what he wants for his personal gains as well as the oligarchs and landlords who support him,” he added.

Duterte is set to arrive tonight from China and will be in the city until Thursday. His agenda in HK is not known except for a tightly-secured meeting with Filipinos in Hong Kong on Thursday.

“We call on to the HK government to be transparent in its dealings with Duterte. Hong Kong people do not want to be known as supportive of a president notorious for normalizing killings, violence against women, and fascistic response to criticisms and opposition.”

HKCAHRPP will be joining Filipino organizations and solidarity groups in a protest action on April 12.#

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