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Please see below – you may forward to parties interested in participating in a charity film. Further details and enquiries, please direct them to Anna of Neontetra Films – contact details provided below.

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———- Forwarded message ———
From: Anna Burton
Date: mié., 5 sept. 2018 a las 9:44
Subject: actress needed 13th September
To: Rafael Joseph Maramag

Dear Raf

I’m looking for the following talent (professional actress/model) for a film for a charity film that we are making. We are working with an agency but they don’t currently have any south-east Asian actresses, so I thought that I’d ask you if you know of anybody, as you are so very well connected.

The role is non-speaking (model). To play a vulnerable disadvantaged mother who is being unfairly charged for NHS maternity services. The voice over will be in the third person.

38 years old
Originally from Southeast Asia, Helena came to the UK as a live-in nanny and escaped from domestic servitude.


She then walks into a park…and past a lady sitting on a bench – it’s Helena.

She’s eating a packed lunch – she looks happy and throws some crumbs to the birds, which fly off as a jogger runs by.

She opens a book and starts to read.

Cut to cu of pages of book – the words morph in to our text:

TEXT: (changes on the book to): TO PAY: Ante-natal £XXX, Delivery: £XXX, Post-natal: £XXX

TEXT (falls down the screen as though tears): “I was afraid that if I went to the hospital they’d charge me…I didn’t have the money to pay’.

Helena looks up and smiles at the sound of a child’s laughter. We follow her point of view, as she watches a child run into a busy playground.

We follow the child who walks up to Josephine who’s sitting on a bench – watching her children play. She’s smiling and waving at her children.

We are filming on the 13th September in Victoria Park

thanks so much

Anna Burton
Neontetra Films
20 Hanson Street
Mobile: 07768 693972
Office: 020 71128413
Twitter: neontetrafilms