Dear Friends,

We want to ask you for some help. As members of the Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines, we are campaigning to end UK exports of surveillance equipment to the Philippines. An early day motion (formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons) EDM 1206 has been laid down for which we need to get as many signatures from MPs as possible.

It makes a big difference if MPs get a request from a constituent. Could you please email your MP with a request to sign it?

Attached below is a copy of EDM 1206, a model letter for sending to your MP (though feel free to write your own but please include your address so he/she knows you are a constituent), and a briefing sheet to send with your email.

If you know a neighbour, friend and/or relative in the same constituency; or anyone else who has a different MP and might be prepared to do the same — please could you pass this along to them too? Many thanks.

In solidarity,

Click these links to download the model letter and the briefing sheet that you will send to your MP and to view EDM 1206.
For your convenience, below is the link where you can find your MP details by keying in your Post Code.
Model Letter to Your MP
EDM 1206
Briefing on Human Rights Abuses in the Philippines
How to find your MP by typing in your Post Code