Apologies, as it seems to have been busy on the email, but I wanted to remind people about the meeting this Friday with Fr. Chris Ablon (details below).
I hope you will be able to make it. If you will arrive (much) later than 5pm please let us know & we’ll expect you, we may start later than 5 given people will be coming from work. (Call me or RJ if you have problems getting in – my mobile is 0775 439 5597).
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On 20/08/2018 13:03, Andy Whitmore wrote:
Hi all,
CHRP will meet Revd. Chris Ablon, National Programme Coordinator of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, IFI (Philippine Independent Church) at 5pm on 7th September.
Fr. Chris is in the UK at the invite of the United Society Partners in the Gospel to engage in a number of events sharing the current context of human rights in the Philippines. He is a passionate and inspiring advocate for peace and conflict transformation, and of the rights of indigenous people to self-determination. He is a facilitator of the Mindanao Lumad Accompaniment Ministry of the IFI working on influencing, training and supporting indigenous communities across Mindanao. Fr Chris has – together with USPG and ECCR – been looking into UK links with mining in the Philippines, considering the abusive history mining has with local communities there, but it will be a chance to explore how we can better collectively support human rights in the Philippines.
Time & date: From 5pm on Friday 7th September
Venue: Community Hall
Tamil Housing
Unit 2 Fountayne Business Centre
Broad Lane
London N15 4AG
Closest tube/train: Tottenham Hale
From station cross over to the retail park and walk towards B&Q entrance. Turn right on the pavement across the centre. Turn left on Broad Lane and keep left. About 600 meters to your left you should see Tamil House and a small black gate (beside it is the digital school ADA). Enter the gate and proceed to Unit 1 on your left and buzz Bahay Kubo/Kanlungan.
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