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Dubbed as the second-longest running conflict in the world, the Mindanao War is retold in this documentary film as a poignant tale of seeking and keeping home. It tells the untold stories of The Land of Promise—Mindanao, Philippines. It is a curious exploration into the integration of cultures brought together by a state-sponsored land resettlement project in the 1930s that led to a massive migration within the country. The Philippines government gave ancestral Muslim and indigenous peoples’ lands without legal documents to Christian settlers. The result was a war among the peoples that continues to rage, almost half a century later.

War is a Tender Thing

About the Filmmaker

Art helps us see through the fog of war
by Kong Rithdee, Bangkok Post, published 16 August 2014. © Bangkok Post Public Company Limited. All rights reserved.

Her mother is Christian. Her father is Muslim. What is she?
“I’m Muslim. I’m Christian.”
In her memory, in her biography, maybe in her ideology, Adjani Arumpac is both. It doesn’t really matter, because the irrepressible grind of history has made her realise identity is fluid, ever-progressive, and isn’t always bound by the tyranny of DNA.
Arumpac is a Filipina filmmaker whose ancestors have lived in the troubled region of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, where Muslim insurgents have waged war against the central government for four decades (though the origins of the separatist ambitions date back for centuries). […] [Read more]



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