Military blocks food aid to indigenous people evacuees in Southern


Surigao del Sur, Philippines – Indigenous peoples who are evacuating in
this province in Mindanao, Philippines have been crying for help as the
military forces imposed food blockade to the evacuation camp.

At least 1,500 IPs evacuated since November 26 due to intense
militarization in their communities. This is the second the time IPs in
the said area have to evacuate after President Rodrigo Duterte declared
Martial Law in Mindanao. Along with this is a spate of human rights
violations and killings all over the country. After his State of the
Nation Address this year, Duterte also threatened to bomb IP schools in

State forces from the 75th Infantry Battalion have been blocking food
such as rice, bread and canned goods for the evacuees staying at a
community-built IP school. Students and teachers who went out of the
camp were also not allowed to get back in. Donations from church groups
and humanitarian organizations were also barred from entering the
evacuation center. These donations were meant to augment the food
assistance from the Municipal Social Welfare Department of Lianga.

The indigenous peoples through their tribal organization Malahutayong
Pakigbisog alang sa Sumusunod (Continuing Struggle for The Next
Generation) asserted that the food blockade must be stopped and the
military troops must be pulled out from their communities. A local
government official also called on concerned parties to look into the
issue as “several human rights violations in the international
humanitarian law have been committed.” Thousands of individuals and
supporters around the Philippines also expressed dismay over the “gross
human rights violation” committed by the military. The #NoToFoodBlockade
campaign trended on Twitter Philippines on December 2.

On September 2015, three of the IP community leaders were killed by a
paramilitary group two days after the state forces arrived and encamped
in their communities. The IP’s ancestral domain is known to be rich in
mineral resources which are targetted by large mining companies.


ALCADEV Incorporated
Tandag City, Surigao del Sur, Philippines


Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development
Incorporated (ALCADEV Inc) is a non-government organization established
by the indigenous peoples themselves to provide service to the IP
communities in Caraga Region in Mindanao, Philippines. Founded in 2004,
ALCADEV has been providing secondary education, health education and
food security project to the IP communities in the region. ALCADEV has
been awarded by the Literacy Coordinating Council for its Outstanding
Literacy Program. It ranked first in the Regional Level and fifth in the
National Level.

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