Kin of victims defy crackdown, #DuterTyranny

QUEZON CITY — “We have been called terrorists by previous regimes, and we cannot allow the Duterte government to make more victims out of us, the people who are fighting for their rights,” said Evangeline Hernandez, chairperson of Hustisya, in a gathering of victims and relatives this afternoon, amid threats of a crackdown on dissidents and progressives by the Duterte government.

On November 25, 2017, victims and relatives of victims of those killed, disappeared, arrested and detained – from the Marcos dictatorship to the ongoing Duterte tyranny – symbolically declare opposition and resistance to State fascism and #DuterTyranny. In a symbolic action, victims and relatives will tie red headbands that say “Resist fascism!” as a rally call against the Duterte regime’s tyrannical rule.

“Such tagging and branding of activists, progressives and ordinary people is a serious matter. State terrorism and repression has taken our daughters and sons, our parents, our family members away from us – all because they were labeled ‘enemies of the State’. Today, we stand in defiance as the Duterte regime tells us to back down and remain silent, even as we ourselves were threatened and harassed for continuing the fight of our loved ones. The lives of our kin who were killed or disappeared will never be in vain, and we will be remain standing to always remind the government that they are accountable to us, to the people; that we are still fighting for justice” said Hernandez.

While nothing is new with Duterte’s pronouncements, Hustisya said there is nothing left for the people but to resist Duterte’s recipe for his own tyrannical rule.

“Pres. Duterte has failed the people big time. He cancelled the peace talks, and declared war against those groups and indiviuals who have remained firm and staunch in opposition to his anti-people policies and pronouncements. There is no change for the better with this regime, only a worsening of this already repressive system. With all-out state terror directed against the people, our only option is to resist,” said Hernandez.

Hustisya, despite recent developments, also continues to call for the resumption of the talks.

”We ask for the people’s support to continue for a just and lasting peace. Let us go out and show our numbers. We demand the Duterte government to go back to the peace negotiation table and heed the people’s clamor for just and lasting peace,” ended Hernandez. ###

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