Dear Friends,
Please find the Initial Report of the Interfaith Humanitarian Mission (NIHM) in the cities of Iligan and Marawi at this link:
The final report covering all the NIHM areas of Mindanao is expected to follow soon. For all who sent their concrete support and solidarity statements for the success of the mission, thank you very much! We ask for your continuing attention and support.
In solidarity,
Angie M. Gonzales
International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines

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[PhilConcerns] Fwd: CALL FOR SUPPORT: Lift the Martial Law in Mindanao
Fri, 23 Jun 2017 07:57:08 +0800
Paul Quintos

Almost a month after President Duterte declared the Martial Law in Mindanao and based on the data gathered by the National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission held fon June 14-15, 2017, more than 69,055 families or 336,783 individuals are staying in 82 evacuation centers in Lanao Del Sur and other Mindanao provinces. 

The evacuees need your help.

We are requesting you to add voice to the Filipino people calling for the immediate lifting of Martial Law in Mindanao and to stop the indiscriminate aerial bombings in Marawi City.

Please SIGN the Solidarity Statement (below). 

Thank you very much,

The APC Secretariat

Solidarity Statement with the Filipino People
We, members and networks of the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), fully support our Filipino comrades in calling for the Philippine government to stop the indiscriminate aerial bombings in Marawi City, immediately lift Martial Law in Mindanao, and end the attacks against civilians, especially women and children peasants and indigenous people.
On May 24, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao, through Presidential Proclamation 216 (PP 216), due to the clashed between the terrorist Maute Group and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Marawi City. Based on the data gathered by the Kalinaw Mindanao National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission, more than 69,055 families or 336,783 individuals are staying in 82 evacuation centers in Lanao Del Sur and other Mindanao provinces. In Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, all of the 1,200 families staying in evacuation centers are farmers. 623 families from Barangay Tina, 300 families from Barangay Bialong and 236 families from Barangay Dapyawan were displaced due to airstrikes and ground operations of the AFP that is said to be pursuing Maute group in the area.
We express our solidarity to the victims and survivors of Martial Law in their call to stop the US military-supported aerial bombardment and destruction of Marawi City which has forced almost its entire population to evacuate. We echoes the demand of the people of Marawi for US forces to leave; for the Duterte regime to withdraw military troops in their area; and allow the processes of the Moro people to resolve the raging local conflicts.
We add voice to the Filipino people questioning the AFP’s claimed that the evacuees do not need help. The truth is, as reported by the Mission, there is an almost desperate need for water and sanitation facilities. There are alarming behavior patterns that may indicate symptoms of trauma among children, including fear, inconsistent and destructive behavior, panic and confusion. Evacuees are also requesting facilities for prayer.
We pledge support that the ongoing military operations in Marawi also disrespect religious practices because members of the Maute/Abu Sayyaf Group and the Philippine soldiers had occupied mosques and other religious facilities, which is in violation of International Humanitarian Law. At the time of Ramadan, Muslim residents might be prevented from their nightly congregational prayers such as the Taraweeh and Laylat Al-Qadr (done in the last 10 nights of Ramadan) due to the curfew and the occupation of mosques, both by soldiers and the Maute Group.
We remind the Philippine government to upheld international conventions and other agreements and ensure that the rights of indigenous peoples, peasant, women and those most marginalized sectors are respected.
Finally, despite our different views, we will continue to pursue roads less traveled towards peace based on justice. We stand together as brothers and sisters in solidarity against political, economic and social violence against indigenous peoples, peasant, women and all peoples. We will continue our struggle in building a genuinely democratic society that allows for people to exercise their rights and empowers them.


Signed by:

Asian Peasant Coalition (APC) – representing 43 organizations coming from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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