Press Release
18 August 2017

Duterte’s drug war: A nation of orphans and grieving parents
“A nation of orphans and grieving parents” is what makes of Pres. Duterte’s drug war in the country.
Thus said rights group Hustisya, as it expresses its outrage over the unabated killings of suspects involved in the illegal drug trade.
“We call for justice for Kian Loyd delos Santos, the 32 persons killed in Bulacan, and the almost every hour killing in the poor communities of Metro Manila. There should not be an ounce of doubt that we call for justice, whether they be involved in drugs or not,” said Evangeline Hernandez, chairperson of Hustisya.

Hernandez said that however the Duterte regime changes the name of its oplans, the drug war has stripped of the majority of the victims’ rights to life, due process.  
“Duterte’s drug war is a failure. Worse, it has wrought more fear and havoc among the poor, without real and long-term resolutions to the drug problem in the country,” said Hernandez.
Hernandez called on the people to be vigilant, and “not wait until nothing’s left but the drug lords and the powerful who reign on the impunity and injustice against thousands.”
“We call on the people not to fear to call to stop the killings. Let us hear the cries of the children, the parents who bury their children. The everyday murders have silenced thousands. Is it the objective of the PNP to get rid of the drug problem? No. The Duterte regime, with the PNP as butchers, has employed a fascist path to facing the drug problem. Is this what we want? Definitely not. This has to stop,” Hernandez concluded. ###

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