Dear friends,

Attached and below an appeal for support for the murder on Mia, the wife of Stuart Green, a former colleague of me when i was still working with the dutch volunteer organization SNV. Stuart was working then with the British organization SVO.
This murder again proves that the vested interests have complete disregard for human rights, be it farmers, workers, journalists, activists or layers.
It is very hard to comprehend a murder, even more a murder of mother in front of her three children.

Below the mail of Arthur Neame, a British colleague of Stuart, who took the initiative of this letter.


As you may know a little over a month ago Mia-Mascariñas-Green, the wife of former VSO Stuart Green was assassinated in broad daylight in the streets of Tagbilaran. The assassination occurred while Mia was driving her three children home during the afternoon . Her three children were in the back of the car as they watched their mother get hit by seven bullets as the gunmen fired more than 24 rounds at her car. Witnesses and Mia’s eldest daughter told how, as Mia was repeatedly hit, rather than looking at the gunmen she looked back to see if her children were ok.

Mia was an environmental lawyer, she would take up cases ‘pro bono’ for those who could not afford to pay. She was known for her hard work and integrity in a field of work that is, in the Philippines as elsewhere, often disparaged for being of primary service to the wealth and the corrupt. Mia believed in the rule law and in the possibility of the law being of service to all. She was a popular figure on Bohol and more than a thousand people attended her funeral in Bohol and a memorial mass was also conducted in Manila.

It would appear that Mia’s death stemmed from a land dispute which her clients opponents were about to (and have since) lost. Some details of Mia’s death and the case can be found here: and here:

Stuart and his family are personal friends of me and my family here in the Philippines, they are also deeply popular in Bohol ; friends and colleagues of theirs in Bohol and Manila have requested everyone who can to keep raising questions concerning Mia’s murder and to keep pressing the authorities for conclusive results in their investigations. While I, with the advice of others, have put together this statement I have kept Stuart informed of this initiative and he told me that initiatives such as this give him the energy to keep going.

It is vital that pressure is maintained upon the authorities and that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

It is intended that recipients of the letter will include:

Chief PNP Bato

The National Police Commission

Sec. Sueno, Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government

Preident Duterte and his Executive Secretary Bong Go

Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco

Vice President Leni Robredo

NBI Director Atty. Dante Gierran,

DOJ Sec Aguirre,

Edgardo M. Chatto, Governor of Bohol

First District Congressman Rene L. Relampagos.

Other Legislators

Members of the Press

I, along with others who have already signed up, am asking that:

1) former volunteers/development workers in the Philippines, Filipino family members and colleagues in the Philippines sign up to the attached letter. Please sign by sending your full name and email address;

2) Send this letter out far and wide to others who may wish to sign.

After one week the names of all those who have signed up will be added to the letter and we will send it out.

Yours, with thanks for your support

Arthur Neame and Arjan Heinen


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