We are proud to announce that Migrante Europe will be holding its founding congress on 9-12 December 2016 in Rome, Italy. It will be attended by affiliate members of Migrante International as well as new applicants which will form the founding members of our regional chapter.

 Theme: “Buuin ang pagkakaisa para ipaglaban ang mga karapatan at kagalingan ng mga migrante sa Europa, at isulong ang tunay at makabuluhang pagbabago sa inang bayan.” Forge a stronger unity to fight for democratic rights and interests of migrants in Europe;struggle for genuine and lasting change in the homeland.

 The Founding Congress has the following objectives:

1.  Consolidate our ranks through country and/or city reports and sharing of Migrante International member organizations.

2.  Discuss and thresh out current issues we face as migrants and refugees in Europe.

3.  Discuss issues in the Philippines which are affecting Filipino migrants and refugees in Europe and families in the homefront.

4.  Draft and unite on a General Programme of Action, Coordinated Campaign plan and European-wide projects, addressing issues in Europe and in the homefront.

5.  Elect the regional committee and officers and appoint its secretariat.

 In line with this, we would like to request either a video (3 to 5 minutes) or written solidarity message from your organisation to mark this truly historic event. Your messages will be shown and read during the congress proceedings.

 Please if you could kindly send your solidarity messages on or before 7 December 2016.

 Below are the rationale and aims and objectives of Migrante Europe for your perusal.

 We look forward to receiving your messages!

Yours sincerely,

Migrante Europe Prep Com


Migrante International chapters in Europe have long felt the need of linking together and forging unity in order to promote Filipino migrants’ and refugees’ rights in the region, and social and national liberation in the Motherland.

Filipinos living and working in European countries feel the impact of anti-migrant policies of the European Union and non-member states, and the racism among the local population that these policies engender.

Migrants and refugees, including Filipinos, have always been made scapegoats for the economic crises in their respective host countries: from being blamed for ‘stealing’ jobs from locals, through being branded as an additional ‘strain’ and ‘burden’ to social services. Whilst migrant and refugees are often on the firing line in regards immigration issues, they are not given the platform to speak for themselves, not only to rightfully input on the whole migration debate, but more importantly to uphold and forward a rights-based approach on the issue.

Meanwhile, deep-seated poverty, underdevelopment and political repression continue to force hundreds of thousands of Filipinos to seek employment and political refuge abroad. There are over 950,000 Filipinos living and working in Europe. They desire a homecoming to an independent, self-reliant and developed Philippines where social equity and justice prevail and where no one is forced to leave their family, community and country for economic or political reasons.

Across Europe, progressive migrant organisations of Filipinos have resolved to consolidate our ranks under the banner of Migrante International, the biggest organization/alliance of overseas Filipinos organisations and individuals and their families all over the world.


Migrante Europe has the following aims and objectives :

1. Promote migrants’ and refugees’ rights against all forms of discrimination, exploitation in the workplace and in the community and resist all anti-migrant policies.

2.  Assert the right to organise through sharing expertise, best practices, knowledge and skills of migrants’ organising in the region.

3. Serve as a regional campaign center that plans to address regional issues of migrants and refugees, notwithstanding the support and solidarity with local issues in host countries.

4. Serve as a regional campaign center to address major Philippine issues, especially those directly affecting Filipino migrants and refugees in Europe and their families in the homefront.

5.  Strengthen unity among overseas Filipinos and rally their families and advocates towards upholding of migrant and refugee rights.

6. Push for the building of a self-reliant economy in the Philippines in order to stop forced migration, promote social equity and justice and unite with other sectors of the society for the advancement of national development and democracy.