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I had already sent out this petition, so thanks if you have signed & apologies for follow up, but I wanted to let you know it is close to the last chance to support the campaign for the EU to have a meaningful legislation on conflict minerals (which affects conflict over gold mining in the Philippines).

The final process of negotiation – a so-called ‘trilogue’ between the European Parliament, Commission and the Council – is just starting. We know that only mandatory, comprehensive regulation will stop unscrupulous companies from profiting from the trade in conflict minerals, but so far many state governments – including the UK Government – have been arguing that voluntary measures will be enough to stop the import of conflict minerals into Europe.

The European Parliament negotiator, MEP Marie Arena, pushed for a stronger regulation but faced opposition from the likes of the UK Government, who are tending to listen to industry lobbying. If we do not act to support a more wide-ranging and less voluntary regulation we will end up with something that will – in the words of Marie Arena – “help Europe to feel good about itself as opposed to having any real impact on the ground or changing the behaviour of companies.”

Let’s make sure European consumers are not fanning the flames of violent conflict elsewhere in the world.

Please act while you have the chance – http://londonminingnetwork.org/conflict-minerals-petition/


Please sign petition tackle the deadly trade in conflict minerals!

Petition at: http://londonminingnetwork.org/conflict-minerals-petition/

The EU has a landmark opportunity to ensure that companies bringing minerals into Europe check their supply chains, to make sure that the minerals they buy from fragile and conflict areas don’t fund violence. Sign the petition to make sure there is strong and binding regulation!

The extraction and trade of raw materials contained in our consumer goods is often linked to human rights violations, and the financing of armed conflicts around the globe.

In a huge step forward, members of the European Parliament voted on 20 May for a strong and binding law that would require companies bringing gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten (3TG) into the EU — in any form — to source them responsibly. The legislation covers conflict-affected and high-risk areas worldwide, so could apply to countries such as the DRC, Colombia, Myanmar or the Philippines.

Right now, the EU’s Member States are considering the European Parliament’s proposed law. They will soon agree a common position, before entering into negotiations on the final text.

Member States must match the Parliament’s commitment to responsible sourcing, by supporting binding requirements that could have a real and positive impact on the trade in minerals, and on the violence and harm associated with mining in some of the world’s poorest areas.

This is obviously not the only channel to win this particular fight, but it is an important one, so the bigger we can make this, the better. The EU Heads of State are still making up their minds on their position, but they are being swayed by arguments for stronger regulation; let’s push them to do the right thing.

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