PMPI Statement on Marcos’ Burial


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Hi partners,

Here’s our statement on the winning votes of the upper house in favor of a heroe’s burial for the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

We also produced a media release for this, which has been published by UCAN India. You may read it through this link.

Below is the statement, which you may read further by visiting our website.

Feel free to circulate our statement.

PMPI Commends Opposition vs Marcos Burial
in the Senate no Matter How Few


We call on Senators to make a critical
and independent stand for justice

Marcos may be a hero in another universe. But not here. Not in the hearts of abused and plundered Filipino people. This despite the dismal upper house votes to declare Marcos as unfit for a Heroes’ burial.

Pres. Duterte’s decision to allow the burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, according to him, is based on no emotion at all. Similarly, this may hold true to the Supreme Court’s decision and the Senate’s vote. These individuals, regardless of their position in the government, may have become cold and unaffected in contrast with the victims who have suffered and endured the atrocities of Martial Rule. The Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc., a network of faith-based institutions and rights group, however, will always side with the victims with compassion.

The history of the Philippines during Martial Law can not be changed as the victims of Martial Law lay witness to the atrocities inflicted by the Marcos regime. Millions of Filipinos, our network of 300 CSOs and POs included, are humans with emotions. And these millions of Filipinos are demanding justice. The decision of the President, the highest court of the land, and the Senate, whether based on emotion or not, is not what we believe is right and just. It does not unite this country at all. And it will never help any of us heal. >>