Press Statement

March 4, 2016

Concerned Italians, MIGRANTE Rome and the ICHRP Rome condemn the burning of Lumad evacuation camp in Davao

​Concerned Italians and Filipinos, UMANGAT-MIGRANTE and the ICHRP Rome unite last night in a “forum” to condemn the burning of the Lumad evacuation camp, last February 24.

The incident happened inside the UCCP Compound, Haran, Davao, at around 2’oclock in the morning, while people were fast asleep. Five people were injured, two of them were children. In an initial investigation, the burning of the said Lumad Camp was deliberate, and related to threats received by the Lumad. The evacuation camp has served as a shelter and protest center for the Lumad since last year because of the ongoing militarization and attacks against their tribal communities.

Alarmed with these recent attacks on Lumad, the concerned Italian group headed by Mr. Luciano Seller immediately initiated a forum to discuss seriously the worsening human rights situation of the indigenous Filipinos in particular, the Lumad.

Mr. Seller’s group had been supportive to the campaign of the ICHRP Rome or International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines during the Global Week of Action for Mindanao in Europe, when the advocacy team of Lumad headed by Dra. Angie Gonzales of ICHRP, Sister Stella Matutina,OSB and the RMP or Rural Missionaries of the Philippines came to visit Rome last year.

The joint –group of Italians and Filipinos through the ICHRP Rome decided to unite and stand for Lumad and to call on the Philippine authorities to take an immediate and concrete investigation and for the international communities to call on the attention of the Philippine government and start serious moves to put an end to this violence committed against the Lumad.

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Buboy Salle, Spokesperson ICHRP Rome Chapter