Makabayan Cordillera Press Release on Elections

Mon, 9 May 2016 20:09:43 +0800

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May 9, 2016

Press Release

Cordillera Elections marred by range of violations

Cordillera—Makabayan Cordillera holds the COMELEC and Smartmatic accountable for the problems in the voting processes. Elections closed with a huge number of disenfranchised voters who are unable to cast their votes mainly because of being unable to find their names in the COMELEC official list, despite being registered voters that had their biometrics taken and Voters Counting Machines (VCMs) malfunctioning.

Other Problems faced by voters in the city are:

1. Malfunctioning machines that fail to receive ballots
2. Malfunctioning machines that needed to be replaced
3 VCMs shutting down
4. Ballots are left to BEI while waiting for replacement machines
5. No receipts given to voters after casting their ballots
6. Different votes printed in receipts
7. Pre-marked ballots are given to voters
8. Rejected ballots
9. Power outages
10. Open receipt boxes

Despite the hours of delay caused by malfunctioning VCMs, COMELEC did not consider extending the voting hours especially in far flung areas of Abra, Benguet and Kalinga.

The COMELEC is to be blamed for the malfunctioning machines and the problems in the voting processes in the region. Despite the millions spent for this VCMs, it has remained as the number one cause of proble for voters being unable to cast their votes.

Multiple instances in the region where the BEI asked the voters to leave their filled ballots makes it open to electoral tampering, defeating the purpose of having printed receipts to verify their votes cast.


Mila Singson

Makabayan Cordillera