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On December 7-9, 2016, come and join us in the ‘Kahimunan sa Katungod’

Lumad Gathering for Human Rights


‘Kahimunan Katungod’ is a human rights colloquium that will foster solidarity among Lumad leaders. The colloquium will become a venue where Datus, Baes, and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations’ leaders can share with each other the pressing land and human rights issues their respective communities are confronting, collectively analyse their situation and draft recommendations and resolutions. The activity will encourage the communities to synergize home-base resources for important concerns such as sanctuaries for Lumad leaders or community members at-risk.

Educational and parallel events to the colloquium will be held simultaneously for support groups.

Over-all, the event’s objectives are: (a) To consolidate the ranks of IP communities in the defense of their rights versus aggressive plunder projects in Mindanao, (b) To learn from and to show support for the struggle for land of the host community, (c) For support groups to understand Lumad culture as an instrument of resistance, (c) To bring the opinion-making sectors closely to the struggle of Lumad communities.

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Main events: Forum on Lumad situation and rights; Traditional leaders’ human rights colloquium; Dialogues with authorities on issues faced by IP communities; Cultural festivals: Traditional songs and dances, limbay and dasang
Parallel events: Educational discussions and workshops: On Lumad Situation, On the National Minority Question, Special Course on Lumad, On Plunder Projects in Mindanao, On Lumad and the Neo-liberal Offensives, On Militarization and Paramilitarism, On the Philippine Educational System and Attacks on Lumad Schools; On Lumad Women. Others: Play therapy with displaced children, Arts workshop for women.


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About the organizing groups

Kalumbay Regional Lumad Organization is an alliance of indigenous organizations in northern Mindanao and Caraga regions working for the right to ancestral land, self-determination and access to indigenous culture.

‘Higala sa Lumad’ (Friends of the Lumad) Network is an interfaith support group in defense, and for the promotion, of Lumad rights.

‘Kahimunan sa Katungod’ is a component of the ‘Healing the Hurt’, an interfaith initiative combatting discrimination, human rights violations and impunity against the Lumad of Mindanao, supported by the European Union.