Subject:   Re: [PhilConcerns] ICHRP Canada statement of the violent police dispersal of farmers/Lumad protests in Kidawapan

Date:   Mon, 4 Apr 2016 13:13:56 +0900

From:   Changweon Jang <>


The Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Migranteng Mangagawa or the Unity of Filipino Migrant Workers in Korea and the International League of Struggle in Korea (ILPS-KOREA), vehemently deplores the militaristic dispersal of 5000 unarmed farmers, agricultural workers, and lumads in Kidapawan, North Cotabato.

The farmers, in unison, protested the government’s inaction to the release of funds to mitigate the dry-spell which the communities in North Cotabato are experiencing since September 2015. The calamity brought damages in farmlands and is the main driver the infestation of large parcel of lands. In January 2016, the provincial government declared the province under state of calamity. This declaration should hasten the release of much-needed funds to hamper the effects of drought and empower people in the communities.

The people are experiencing natural and man-made calamities under the aegis of the present government. The funds have not been released and the people are thirsty and hungry. They barricaded the national highway of Davao and Cotabato to implore the just and mandated assistance they need.

Instead of food, they were fired with bullets. To date, one life is martyred and more than 30 others are wounded. The response to the people’s clamour of their basic human rights for food is the armed uniformed men aiming to disperse the poor farmers. What an atrocity! What fascism!

State authorities here in Korea apply the same criminal treatment to immigrant workers from third-world countries. Instead of fixing the loopholes in labor polies, they apply police force to the problem of illegal immigrants. Such an atrocity! Such fascism!

We are in solidarity with our comrades, brothers and sisters barricaded in Kidapawan.

Together with them, we demand the release of funds necessary to mitigate the natural and human-made calamities. the funds are not election funds of the politicians. They belong to the people. Immediately release rice subsidies to the drought-stricken areas.

We demand that the military and police armed men be pulled-out in the area. They are poor and hungry farmers, not people in combat. Treat them humanely. Give the just demands of the people.

This incident is another mark in the blood-lust term of the Aquino government. The government should be made accountable to this another atrocity, state-led fascism.

April 1, 2016

Jang Chang Weon Jones Galang