2 April 2016

The Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP), together with other Filipino migrant organisations in the UK, strongly condemn the massacre of peaceful protesters in Kidapawan in the Philippines.

The latest reports are of 3 killed, 116 wounded, 89 missing and two protestors tortured. The demonstration of around 5,000 mainly Lumad farmers was marching to Kidapawan City near Davao to plead for food for their families. 
Their villages have been hit by months of drought due to the effects of El Nino. 

On the morning of 1 April, as they approached the city, they were met by barricades across the road manned by Philippine National Police who were ordered to open fire on the demonstration. Local media footages show protestors being chased by police, and a severely wounded man being removed by paramedics.

Those responsible for such a bloody massacre by the national police force must be held to account.

We call for a stop to the tortures and the immediate safe release of all those arrested.

We call for urgent relief measures for those communities in the area suffering desperate hunger.

We call for an independent internationally supervised investigation into those who committed this massacre and those who ordered it, to bring all those responsible to justice.

Rommel Abellar
Chairperson, CHRP-UK