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Dear all,

First, congratulations to everyone for a successful fundraiser on 9 July. We are currently tallying all expenses and income. Those who were disbursed monies and have pending claim for expenses – could you please submit your claim and/or receipts for accounting to asapn (if you have not already done so)?

We will have the final accounting ready for the next meeting. Offhand, we seem to have reached our 2k target goal!

Second, It was suggested that we meet to celebrate with all the volunteers and friends who have been involved in the fundraising event. Perhaps a weekend BBQ?

Next, we need to decide how much we are sending to RMP and how much we are contributing to our official delegates (Rommel & Dara) who are now currently attending the human rights conference and ISM in Mindanao. They are kindly requesting to be reimbursed for the conference fees (which includes food, lodging and conference materials), ISM and other related costs. They will shoulder their respective international flights. Anyways, just a heads up as I’m sure they will keep all receipts for discussion on our next meeting.

Last, finding dates for the party and next meeting. Should we find dates in August for when the conference delegates are due back. So, if we want to hit two birds with one stone, we could find a schedule (and a host, anyone willing to host???!) on a Saturday (or Sunday?) as our bbq-cum-meeting:

Suggested dates:

6 or 7 Aug

13 or 14 Aug

27 Aug

If a weekday at 6pm would be more suitable for folks (and we can then go to our favourite sushi bar afterwards, hehe!), then I suggest the following dates:

9, 10 or 11 August

I look forward to your replies.



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