Katungod Lumad ALERT:
108 Talaandig families flee homes in Agusan Sur

On May 16, 2016, a total of 108 families from four communities in Agusan del Sur left their homes, fearing they might be the next in a series of killings perpetrated by a paramilitary group.

Known to have affiliated with the Dela Mance paramilitary group which is in turn under the bigger Alamara armed group, the Bocalas brothers (Ricky ‘Mansumhot’ Bocalas, Junilo ‘Manpalantay’ Bocalas, Lando Bocalas, Mantumagsa, and Lilongan ‘Manlumakad’ Bocalas) had already killed many Talaandig and Banwaon residents in the boundaries of Agusan del Sur and Bukidnon.

On July 6, 2015, they shot Louie and Daynon Handayan, killing Daynon. In September 2015, they killed Obet Pabiana who was on his way to visit his family. And the following month, they ambushed a group of Talaandig on their way to gather fruits in Cabanglasan, Bukidnon. Witnesses saw Manlumakad hack to death Mankombete Mariano after wounding him with a gunshot. The most recent victim of the Bocalas brothers was Datu Mansulbadan Lalian, whom they killed while he was fishing in Talacogon.

After the death of Datu Mansulbadan—who served as a Supreme Datu in their community before turning over his position to his son—earlier this month, the Lumad residents around the area had feared going to their farms, forests, or anywhere in their ancestral lands for fear that they would encounter the Bocalas brothers. The village chairperson of Insibay, Estade Manlangit, had asked for help from the municipal government of Talacogon and the local government unit (LGU) advised them to come down so they could seek support.

Presently, the evacuees have sought sanctuary in Km, 50 in Brgy. Zellovia, Talacogon, Agusan del Sur. The Talaandig families, composed of 468 individuals, come from the communities of Brgy. Binicalan in San Luis, Purok Mintusing, Tigbaw and Insibay of Brgy. Zellovia.

The local government units of Zellovia and Talacogon, and San Luis Community Lumad High School are helping the evacuees by providing rice but the supplies are not enough to feed all of the families.

The child of Datu Mansulbadan had already filed a case against the Bocalas Brothers but there is no update yet on this action. It can be recalled that cases had also been filed against the Dela Mance group and in fact, warrants of arrest had been released last year. But until now, none of the paramilitary groups terrorizing the Lumad communities in these provinces have been arrested.


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