Your solidarity with the Filipino people is needed! Please distribute this email widely.

Dear Members and Friends of ICHRP:

As you may have heard, human rights violations are intensifying under the U.S.-Aquino Oplan Bayanihan counter-insurgency program. Attached is the report from Karapatan which details the most recent attacks, specifically the brazen killing of three Lumad community leaders.

Please join us in sending a strong message of condemnation to the Aquino administration. Let us support Karapatan’s demands for: immediate pull out of Philippine military and para-military troops from communities; an independent investigation; and dismantling of Oplan Bayanihan.

We have attached simple instructions and a template of a letter addressed to Philippine President Aquino. We ask everyone to copy U.S. Congressional offices on key committees responsible for U.S. military aid to the Philippines. As you know, since the Stop the Killings campaign ten years ago, advocates have succeeded in getting human rights monitoring language and conditions attached to U.S. aid to the Philippine military. Copying our letters of condemnation to members of the Foreign Appropriations Sub-Committee can help build the demand to end U.S. military aid to Philippine military and para-military forces. If you already sent a letter earlier in the month, please forward it to the U.S. congressional offices through the email addresses included in the template letter.

For your convenience, we have attached a template to help you craft a letter unique to your organization that supports the demands of the Lumad communities and Karapatan. We’ve also attached the letter that NEFFCON sent as an example of a concise advocacy letter.

4 Easy Steps:
1.Please modify paragraphs 1 and 2 of the attached template, with text reflecting your organization’s character, mission, and voice. Samples are also provided.

2.Paste your customized letter on your organization’s letterhead.

3.Save as a PDF with your organization’s name on the file e.g. “Women_for_Peace_LumadKillings.pdf”

4.Attach and send it by email to Aquino and cc U.S. congressional offices and ICHRP by cutting and pasting the email addresses included in the template letter with the cover email saying: “Please see enclosed letter from [Your Organization’s Name] regarding recent killings and human rights violations in southern Philippines.”

Thank you for your support and solidarity,

Katrina Abarcar
ICHRP Global Council Representative for the US

Helpful Information & Templates



KARAPATAN’s Urgent Action