Katungod Lumad Alert:

Two Lumads, including 15-year old boy, killed by dela Mance paramilitary group

Two Lumads were killed allegedly by members of the dela Mance paramilitary group on September 15, 2015 in Sitio Balaudo, St. Peters, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

At around 7A.M., Obet Pabiana, a 30-year old Banwaon and member of Lumad organization Tagdumahan, was gunned down while he was traversing a trail in Sitio Balaudo. He was with his five other companions (names withheld for protection).

Obet was ahead of his group by a few meters when he was shot. Two shots were fired directly hitting his chest and the right side of his abdomen. Even with the sustained wounds, he was able to run back towards his companions and then immediately fell. Before Obet died, he was able to reveal that Mankolobi Bocalas and Manlumakad Bocalas fired at him.

On the same day, at around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Olaking Olinan, a 15-year old Talaandig, went to Bayo, Sitio Balaudo, St. Peter, Malaybalay City to gather abaca fiber. He was accompanied by his brother, Mandi Olinan.

Olaking was about five meters higher above ground than Mandi while they were working. At around 2 P.M., Mandi heard two successive gunshots. After a few minutes, he checked on his brother and found out that Olaking was lying on the ground bleeding and lifeless.

He left his brother and ran towards Sitio Balaudo. He relayed the incident to the leaders.

The community members decided to retrieve the body the next day. They went to the place of incident at 7A.M. of September 16, 2015. They found the lifeless body of Olaking beside the abaca fibers he gathered.

The tribal leaders investigated the area where Olaking and Obet were shot. They discovered footsteps from about 10 meters from where Obet was hit. They followed the tracks and they were stunned that they were led to a few meters from where Olaking was killed.

The killing of Olaking was strongly believed to be committed by Mankolobi Bocalas and Manlumakad Bocalas, the same men who shot-dead Obet.

The Bocalas are members of the paramilitary group of Dante dela Mance under the overall command of Romulo “Bonggak” dela Mance. The dela Mance group are known to undertake criminal acts such as landgrabbing, exortion, and robbery, among others, and are allegedly backed by the Philippine military since 1995 when the group, then headed by Doro Dela Mance, posed as rebel returnees.

In an interview with local media earlier this year, the dela Mance group admitted that they have affiliated themselves to the paramilitary band Alamara operating in the boundaries of San Fernando, Bukidnon and Talaingod, Davao Province.

The killings were reported and documented just recently because the area is located in a very remote hinterland.###

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