Philippines: WHRDIC Statement: Women Human Rights Defenders are targeted
for legitimate human rights advocacy

The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRDIC), of
which OMCT is a member, is a resource and advocacy network supporting
women human rights defenders worldwide.

The Philippines: Women Human Rights Defenders are targeted for
legitimate human rights advocacy

The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRDIC) is
dismayed at the increasing malicious attacks and threats perpetrated by
State agents against women human rights defenders (WHRDs) resisting
repression and operations of mining companies in the Philippines, and
stands in solidarity with them and their meaningful contributions to our
pursuit of living in just, equal, free and democratic societies.

Attacks attempting to impede the work of WHRDs in the Philippines occur
inthe following ways: i) vilification and surveillance of WHRDs; ii)
arbitrary arrests and criminalization of their work protected by
international human rights treaties to which the government of the
Philippines is a party; and iii) extrajudicial killings.

Some emblematic cases, representing large numbers of the ones documented
by WHRDs in the Philippines, illustrate the growing threats against
WHRDs and their shrinking operative environment and include:

· On July 11, 2015, it was reported that trumped up charges have
been brought against WHRD Honey May Suazo, Secretary General of the
Southern Mindanao Regional Chapter of the KARAPATAN (Alliance for the
Advancement of People’s Rights) in an attempt to silence her and derail
her work. Ms. Suazo has been instrumental in overseeing factfinding
missions in highly militarized communities and documenting violations
committed by military troops in the Southern Mindanao Region. In the
same indictment, WHRD Cristina Palabay, Secretary General ofthe
KARAPATAN, was also implicated to silence her committed oppositionto
ongoing militarization of Mindanao and escalating human rights abusesin
the region. Cristina Palabay is an internationally renowned women’s
rights and human rights activists in the Philippines.

· Since April 28, 2015, at least nine WHRDs working within public
sector trade unions received repeated threats. These WHRDs were
harassedby alleged members of the military and police who warned them
that their families would face reprisals if they didn’t cooperate with
the authorities.

· As of 30 March 2015, 48 WHRDs faced politically-­‐motivated,
unwarranted and arbitrary arrests based on trumped up charges. WHRDs
targetedfor their human rights activism are working on gender-‐based
violence, agrarian issues, impacts of mining and other trans­‐national
businesses, militarization, freedom of expression and association,
women’s political participation, among many other pressing human rights

· Since July 2010, 28 WHRDs have been murdered. Among them isMs.
Cristina Jose, community organizer of typhoon survivors in Mindanao, who
was brutally killed on March 4, 2013, after leading her community and
typhoon survivors in protests emphasising government’s negligence in
handling natural disasters and calling for action.These extrajudicial
killings under the Aquino administration have gone largely
uninvestigated and no perpetrators have been brought tojustice.

The WHRD IC firmly calls on the government of the Philippinesto:

i) immediately and unconditionally remove all unwarrantedand arbitrary
restrictions on peaceful operations ofWHRDs;
ii) implement safeguards to provide a conducive environment forall human
rights work;
iii) start effective investigations into threats and attacks againstWHRDs.

The WHRDIC expresses its solidarity with our sisters in the
Philippinesand continues to be inspired by their human rights advocacy.


The Women Human Rights Defender International Coalition is a
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