KATUTUBO…a Cultural show in Rome to defend IP’s and the Ancestral land! .

Today 25th day of April, the “Liberation Day in Italy,” a cultural show will take place, calling to free the Indigenous Filipino People (IP’s) from the hands of the greed miners. .

Indigenous peoples (IPs) in the Philippines are estimated to be 12-15 million, or 15 per cent of the total population. They occupy more than 10 million hectares of the total landmass of 30 million hectares. IPs are one of the most impoverished sectors in the country and suffer from multiple types of human rights violations. .

Hundreds of Filipinos and other nationalities are being expected to watch KATUTUBO (Indigenous) at 4:00pm in Teatro Aurelio, Largo San Pio, Rome. Folk songs, regional and tribal dances are amongst the highlights of the event. . .

“We hope that this project will touch the hearts of the spectators particularly the Filipinos. Its now up to them to intervene in any ways and means they can for the cause of the indigenous Filipinos,” said ICHRP Rome Spokesperson Buboy Salle. . KATUTUBO is a joint initiative of UMANGAT-Migrante Rome, Kalahi Dance Ensemble and ICHRP Rome.

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Buboy Salle, ICHRP Spokesperson
Email: ichrp.rome@gmail.com
Mobile: +39 389 1352243