Dear MAC editors,

We are writing to you to let you know that Indigenous Peoples Links
(PIPLinks) will, after almost 30 years of work in solidarity with
indigenous peoples, be closing down.

This decision has been taken with great regret, but also with pride in
the track record of the organisation. It has been a very difficult
environment for raising funds for an organisation whose roots are in
solidarity with Philippines indigenous peoples, but is based in the UK.
We, and our partners, continued to believe that solidarity work from a
country like the UK was essential, but it has become harder to persuade
donors of that, especially at a time when funds are tight. Workers did
their best to expand our funding sources, but – despite their best
efforts – PIPLinks’ Trustees have regretfully concluded that the
organisation in its current form is not sustainable.

However, we take heart from the fact that a number of (primarily
indigenous), organisations, who have sprung up since we started, have
taken on the major areas of our work. We take particular pride in the
growth of those organisations that we have co-founded or supported over
the decades of our work, noting how the indigenous rights movement goes
from strength to strength.

Therefore, we wish to let you know that Indigenous Peoples Links will be
wound up as a UK registered company at the end of our financial year
(September 2015). We will continue to ensure that all administrative and
reporting requirements are completed, as well as fulfilling all our
legal and statutory obligations. We are also working to ensure that our
most recent key area of work, around free prior informed consent and
mining companies, continues, and are actively searching for a new host
organisation for a proposed extension of the work done to date. The
website will remain open as an archive for a number of years.

We in PIPLinks have greatly enjoyed the working relationships we have
had with you, and we are hoping to go on working on these issues in new
ways, or in new roles, in the future. We feel honoured to have been
able, as PIPLinks, to work alongside you and other colleagues in the
wider indigenous rights movement.

Finally, we wish to thank you, on behalf of all of us in PIPLinks, for
the sustained partnership, support and encouragement that you have
offered PIPLinks over many years. We expect to celebrate PIPLinks’ work
in 2016, and trust you will join us in that celebration!

With best wishes,

Geoff Nettleton & Andy Whitmore,
on behalf of PIPLinks workers & board members