…In the past six years under the Aquino administration, the Lumad of Mindanao have been under attack. There has been a relentless attack on indigenous schools, indigenous communities, and indigenous leaders.

Eighty-seven (87) lumad schools all over Mindanao are threatened with closure and 3 have ceased operating in tragic and harrowing circumstances throwing more than a thousand indigenous children out of school. The closure of the ALCADEV, an alternative lumad learning institution, was precipitated by the public execution of the school principal, Emerito Samarca, and indigenous leaders Dionel Campos and Bello Sinzo before a stunned community rounded up by paramilitary forces who call themselves Magahat Bagani.
Indigenous communities are also under attack. An estimated 40,000 individuals coming from indigenous communities all over Mindanao have been forcibly displaced from their ancestral domains because of militarization. 56 lumad leaders from Mindanao have been victims of extrajudicial killings…

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