Dear Friends,

Midnight of June 14 just hours after Aida Seisa threw a simple birthday celebration for her daughter, an unknown number of men from the 69th Infrantry Battalion shelled her residence killing three people and wounding one of Seisa’s children. Seisa is a well-known IP and peasant leader residing in Paquibato.

Confirmed dead were Datu Ruben Enlog, Randy Carnasa, and Garyo Quimbo – all of whom are farmers residing within the Paquibato District. Enlog was the leader of NAGKALUPA (Nagkahiusang Lumad Maguuma sa Paquibato/United Peasant Farmers of Paquibato). Randy Carnasa was a religious leader and farmer purok president while Garyo Quimbo played the guitar in his local church in Sitio Panulawan, Brgy. Malabog. All of them were innocent civilians.

Datu Enlog is the 44th victim of extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the AFP in Southern Mindanao under the BS Aquino regime. We know all too well that crimes like these often go unpunished – crimes against the very people BS Aquino claims to serve.

This climate of impunity must end.

Some three weeks from now, BS Aquino will be tried before an international court of the people – the International Peoples’ Tribunal (IPT) to be held on 16-18 July in Washington, DC. The tribunal will place the verdict upon BS Aquino and the US government as represented by Barrack Obama based on a number of cases filed before the international court.

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Help us #EndImpunity and hold the US-Aquino government accountable to their crimes against the Filipino people!

In solidarity,


Angie M. Gonzales
International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines

Head, International Coordinating Secretariat, IPT 2015