Our warmest greetings from the ICHRP Rome and Umangat-Migrante Rome!

We are greatly alarmed and outraged about the worsening human rights violations and harassment in Mindanao wherein mostly affected are the marginalized and vulnerable sector of Philippine society, the indigenous women and children.

The brutal slaying of Indigenous People (IP) leaders and innocent civilians, the displacements of residents, children being rejected by proper schools and education and all out http://chrp.org.uk/wp-admin/post-new.phpwar and military operations in Mindanao that aggravate more of these violence, moved us to denounce these great injustice to the Filipino people in particular the Lumad.

This year we were able to conduct activities and advocacy campaigns to expose the military and para-militaries brutality against the Lumad and their children and we plan to further our campaigns even to the highest leader of the Catholic Church, to Pope Francis of the Vatican City to appeal to him and to encourage the whole church in Philippines and globally to take action and be compassionate because the lumad are not just Filipinos but also children of God.

Bro. Buboy Salle Spokesperson ICHRP Rome Chapter Email: ichrp.rome@gmail.com

Attached photos were taken in Tandag City with ICHRP Rome representative

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