Philippines: Justice for all the Lumad leaders victims of Heinious killings!

KATRIBU Partylist Statement –

Philippines: Statement – Justice for all the Lumad leaders victims of Heinious killings!

18 February 2014

KATRIBU Partylist strongly condemns the ruthless killing of Datu Rolando
Ambongan, 39 years old, on January 31, 2014 at around 7:20 in the
evening near their house at P-2, Brgy. Guinabasan, Buenavista, Agusan
del Norte. Also wounded in this incident is his nephew, Janmar Ambongan
Sulhayan, from the strafing of their house. Datu Ambongan is an active
member of the KATRIBU Partylist – Buenavista Chapter.

Witnesses identified Eddie Ampiawan a.k.a Komander Bawang, leader of the
armed para-military group Alimaong or Bagani Force as the perpetrator of
the killing of Datu Ambongan. Even if they were wearing bonnet, along
with William and Salomeo who were members of the CAFGU under the 29th
IBPA, they were clearly identified because of the bright light and
because he was well known and is a relative of much of the residents in
the area.

January 28, 2014, Datu Ambongan received a call in his cellular phone
from Komander Bawang who was bribing and threatening him to allow the
entry of a mining company in their CADT 118, but Datu Ambongan strongly
objected. On January 28 and 29, relatives of Datu Ambongan sighted a
nephew of Komander Bawang lingering and watching around the house of
Datu Ambongan. In a meeting of several datu under the Pigbawangan Tribal
Organization (PTO) last January 30, 2014 at the Charlita Beach Resort
discussing on how to convince Datu Ambongan, many witnessed the daring
threats from Komander Bawang that if Datu Ambongan will continue on his
pertinacity, he will have to take him by force.

The 402nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and the
US-Aquino Regime were just so delighted over the incident under the
Internal Security Plan – Oplan Bayanihan’s objective to create disunity
among the lumad people. Not contented with the additional regular and
special armed units of the AFP in the CARAGA Region, they continued to
provide arms to opportunist tribal dealers like Komander Bawang. This
regime supports criminal acts of this group not just against the lumad
but also other people in the BueNasCar (towns of Buena Vista, Nasipit
and Carmen). The Alimaong/ Bagani Force which is led by Komander Bawang,
is only one of the many groups formed and armed by the AFP such as the
BULIF, Wild Dog, Bagani Force, Salakawan, Task Force Gantangan and
LUPACA (Lumadnong Pakigbisog sa Caraga/ Indigenous Struggle in Caraga)
who savagely attack other lumads who are opposing the entry of
large-scale and destructive mining. They are directly the accomplice of
the military also to ensure the entry of mining, plantations, logging,
tourism and other forms of development aggression in ancestral lands.

They are no different from the previous bloodthirsty US-Arroy Regime,
and are more ferocious than wild animals! The nonstop killings of
indigenous leaders and ordinary members of lumad communities is only one
of the many faces of repression of the US-Aquino Regime against the
lumad people. The lumad people continue to be victims of forced
evacuation from the militarization of their communities, trumped-up
charges, torture, forcibly used as guides in military operations,
destruction of property and psywar operations. The long list of lumad
and even of non-IPs victims who have not been served justice is just one
mark of the continuing culture of impunity.

Expose the anti-lumad Internal Peace and Security Plan – Oplan Bayanihan
– Community Organizing for Peace and Development!

Dismantle all para-military groups and stop using the lumad people for
counter-insurgency programs!

Expose opportunist lumad dealers like Komander Bawang!

Valiantly advance our struggle for ancestral lands and self-determination!

Genasque B. Enriquez
National Vice President