Green groups hit Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agenda: ‘TPP will
heighten displacement of communities, plunder of resources’

Environmental activists join thousands in hounding protest on US
president’s visit in PH

Kalikasan-People’s Network for the Environment Press Release

28 April 2014

Dubbed ‘the fastest way towards the dispossession of the entire nation,’
environmental activists under the Kalikasan People’s Network for the
Environment (Kalikasan PNE) hit the agenda of United States president
Barack Obama to advance the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)
during his two-day visit to the Philippines.

The militant environmental network joined thousands today in
‘unwelcoming’ the two-day visit of United States president Barack Obama
to protest the US government’s militarization and economic agenda.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is being railroaded by Obama in
the Philippines and other Pacific Rim countries o add to the 12
countries that are already signatories in the agreement. The TPPA aims
to dismantle all controls and regulations on big corporations in a
free-trade zone where the US can control trade routes, plunder untapped
natural resources, and even file harassment suits against governments,”
said Clemente Bautista, national coordinator of Kalikasan PNE.

The protest also condemned the administration of Pres. Benigno Simeon
‘BS’ Aquino III for fast-tracking the passage of the Enhanced Defense
Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and the charter change on economic
provisions in time for Obama’s visit.

Takeover and Power Play

“The EDCA is part of the US government’s policy of strategic pivot
towards the Asia-Pacific, which aims to rebalance or reposition 60
percent of its military forces towards the Pacific Rim. The increased
military muscle aims to contain the growing aggression of their main
competitor, China, and to police the entire free-trade corridor under
the TPP,” Bautista said.

Under the TPPA, trade, social, environment, and health and safety
regulations on the entry of foreign investment in member countries will
be removed, effectively dismantling national sovereignty and patrimony
by allowing foreign big businesses to own the land and resources in the
said countries. It also allows corporations to sue governments in an
international tribunal in cases where the government impedes their

“The TPPA likely stands for a ‘Takeover and Power Play Agreement’ by the
US and its multitude of transnational and multinational corporations.
With only the signatures from Obama and BS Aquino left in approving the
revival of US bases, the colonial master and his ‘little brown American’
servant aims to complete clearing the way for the TPPA by trying to
water down the nationalist provisions in the Philippine constitution,”
explained Bautista.

Toxics, Pollution and Plunder

Bautista added that “allowing the economic Cha-Cha Train and the TPPA
membership of PH will promote the rapid entry of toxic, pollutive and
plunderous corporations. Dirty coal is already shifting to
underdeveloped nations due to avoid domestic stringent regulations and
emissions caps in advanced capitalist economies, and are bound to
further increase with the TPPA. The TPPA’s twin policy of military pivot
in Asia-Pacific will also bring in the world’s top polluter, the US
military, which has a history of toxic waste spills and damages to
marine ecosystems, among others, in the entire region.”

Current military base construction activities across the Asia-Pacific
region are threatening or have already affected globally significant
ecosystems, such as the Jeju Island in South Korea, habitats of the rare
Dugong species in Japan, and the Tubbataha Reef Natural Park in the

On Obama’s last day of visit in PH, Kalikasan PNE, alongside
Pilipinas, the PH counterpart of international climate action network, and other environmental groups, plan to deliver to Obama more
than 70,000 signatures from across the globe calling for the stoppage of
the TPPA.


Reference: Clemente Bautista – 0922 844 9787

Leon Dulce
Campaign Coordinator
Kalikasan-People’s Network for the Environment
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