Subject:  Furor rages as military detention of Palparan continues

Date:  Sun, 23 Nov 2014 16:50:08 +0800

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Press Statement
24 November 2014

Furor rages as military detention of Palparan continues:  victims’ families question court orders denying detention in civilian jail

The furor has not died down since Ret. M/Gen. Jovito Palparan Jr. has, yet again, thumbed his nose against the justice system.

On November 20, 2014, private complainants in the case for kidnapping and serious illegal detention against Palparan pending before the RTC of Malolos filed a Petition for Certiorari with the Court of Appeals to question the Malolos court’s orders transferring his custody from the Bulacan Provincial Jail to the Philippine Army Custodial Center (PACC) in Fort Bonifacio and denying the motion to have him committed in an ordinary civilian jail.

The NUPL, as counsel for private complainants, points out that Palparan invoked only self-serving, unsubstantiated, highly speculative and exaggerated threats against his life in seeking to be detained in a facility of his own choice and convenience.

Palparan has since returned to the loving arms of his colleagues in the military and in his old stomping grounds, away from the Spartan conditions, rigors and limitations of an ordinary civilian jail. Never mind that the security risks and expenses of the government actually increase with the distance between the detention facility where a high-profile inmate is committed and the court where he is required to appear. Never mind that the provincial jail, a civilian jail, is structurally sound and sufficient to ensure the security of the other detainees.

As Palparan’s cabal of conspirators, the military has consistently closed ranks since his first day in court – omnipresent, in hordes, and watchfully guarding one of their own. His military coddlers and other supporters in high places have all pandered not only to his satisfaction, but also to their baser instinct of impunity.

The issue of the military detention of a long-retired military officer, and hence a civilian, who is accused of heinous common crimes, is not just about the private complainants looking for their missing daughters. It sets a bad precedent and sends the outrageous message that it is perfectly acceptable for accused human rights violators to enjoy special treatment under a double standard of justice. It amounts purely to gross injustice and partiality against the private complainants, the other victims, and the People.

Palparan may be gloating in the comforts of his army home but the furor is far from over.


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