Training Domestic Workers

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Since the removal of the only concession that protects migrant domestic workers (from abuse and exploitation) last April 2012, leaders from the Filipino community who are domestic workers came together and designed a project that will train and guide domestic workers to become active in community actions, take leadership roles, and manage a campaign that will aim to change a policy which will protect them. This project has been divided in four (4) parts where Leadership and Public Speaking Training for Domestic Workers forms one major part which is coming very soon! If you are interested in this training or would like to refer a friend or someone, let us know. This training is for free and it’s for migrant domestic workers only! *:) happy

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Kanlungan promotes empowerment amongst Filipino migrants by improving their quality of life through the provision of information, education, training, campaigning, cultural activities and developing networks with other community organisations. Kanlungan also aims to help influence policy changes in the UK to enable better integration of the Filipino migrants and other migrants and refugee communities in the UK.

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