9 May 2014


Grace Punongbayan, IMA Europe Secretariat

Three-day assembly of grassroots migrants and refugees to expose myth of “migration for development” and to push for people’s alternative to the MDG

Grassroots migrants and refugees under the militant banner of the International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA) are all set to hold a three-day “speak out”, discussions and protest mobilization in Stockholm, Sweden, from May 13-15, to once again echo their opposition to the modern-day slavery of migrants and the oppression of refugees, and expose the myth of “migration for development”.

The migrants and refugees will also expose the neoliberal globalization agenda on migration of the European Union, and they will push for an alternative people’s agenda that are human rights based, equitable and sustainable, to the UN Milllenium Development Goals (MDG).

The highlights of this three-day assembly include: the holding of the second general assembly of the IMA Europe section, wherein the discussions will focus on the current political situation in Europe impacting on migrants and refugees and planning on Europewide campaigns; a discussion on the MDG and the people’s agenda; and a “speak out” for development justice and protest mobilization against the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), which is holding its 7th session in Stockholm May 14-16.

International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) chair Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, will deliver the keynote address. He is expected to talk about the failure of the GFMD and the myth of “migration for development”. Caravan-Germany, a militant movement for solidarity fighting for the rights of refugees and migrants will share the verdict of the international tribunal on refugees against the German state. IBON International will lead the discussions on the MDG and the People’s Agenda. Erik Anderssen, a progressive member of the local parliament in Gislaved, Sweden, will tackle the current economic crisis in the EU and the people’s resistance.

Participants together with Swedish solidarity groups will hold a picket, “speak out” and cultural manifestation near the venue of the GFMD session on May 15.

The co-organizers of this event are: International Migrants Alliance (IMA), IMA – Europe Section, Migrante Europe, Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants, and MIGRANTE International.###