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Petitioning Leila De Lima, Justice Secretary, Department of Justice

Petition by: Free Zara Alvarez Movement

ZARA REBOTON ALVAREZ, 32 years old, is a teacher by profession and a human rights and political activist. She was illegally arrested on October 30, 2012 in her hometown Cadiz City. To date she is still detained on trumped-up charges of murder and robbery in band in an attempt to silence her and dozens of other human rights advocates in the Philippines.

She is believed to have fallen victim to widespread political persecution targeting legal activists with trumped-up charges.

Alvarez was the chair and national council member of ANAK BAYAN-Negros, a progressive youth organization, and a deputy general secretary of the umbrella organization BAYAN-Negros. She also was the campaign and education director for the human rights organization KARAPATAN-Negros. A single mother of a three-year-old child she still manages to work for the alliance of human rights advocates in North Negros (NNAHRA).

Committed to assist the marginalized and disadvantaged in the Philippine society to assert their basic civil, political, social and economic rights, Alvarez became herself a victim of the injustice she was exposing.

We, family, friends and fellow activists and human rights defenders, appeal for the immediate and unconditional release of ZARA R. ALVAREZ for her to rejoin her daughter, her family and to exercise her constitutional rights!

There are more than 400 Political Prisoners detained by the Philippine government today. Help end political persecution in the Philippines. Free all Political Prisoners in the Philippines!