To the 52nd birthday of James Balao

1677th day of his disappearance 

To president Benigno Aquino III,to the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of Philippines, mass media, trade unions and to the international democratic public, to the human rights organizations-  please forward this email wherever and whenever you can to strengthen the international protest and solidarity movement for human rights in the Philippines, which people needs for their life in standing up to fight for a liberated world!

On the Monday demonstration against the unsocial law Hartz 4 we continue our vigil for James Balao in Stuttgart on the 22nd of April 2013. We counted – as it was decided  in October 2008 in the partnership agreement between the Monday-Demonstration Movement Stuttgart and the family Balao and Cordillera People Alliance (CPA) –  the days of the disappearance of James Balao.

Today we remembered with a touching little action on his 52nd birthday at the last Friday, the 19th of April. Some participants demanded on little banner Stop the killings in the Philippines ! Last Fryday friends in the Philippines made as well a memorial-action in some towns and cities in the Philippines .

A friend read in Stuttgart a text in memoriam to James



James Balao’s 52nd Birthday (19th April 2013)

 Your birthday, James Balao

Is the 1677th day of your

enforced disappearance:


Days of sorrow,

years of protest ,

years of searching for you.


We still do not know,

where you are,

if you are still alive,

if you are tortured

or if they killed you cowardly

as they do it with so many freedom fighters

in the Philippines and worldwide.

We do not forget you.


You have been 47 years old,

as you was abducted

by five state security agents

made in USA

in the sunny morning of

September 17, 2008 in La Trinidad, North Luzon .

They took you to the Philippine National Police

Headquarters Camp Dangwa .


Since that time we are searching for you.

We count the days of your disappearance

even far away of you in Stuttgart , Germany .


Since that time your Mam and your Dad died

without hugging you again.


They claim you as a “terrorist”.

But you protected the ancestral heritage of the indigenous people

against open pit mining by the multinational monopolies.

Their economy of profit destroys air, water and life.

Your mountains looks like a big wounded skin of Pacha Mama,

crying in pain and anger for freedom.


Since that time they prepare again wars

made in USA in rivalry to China

for oil, gaz and gold.


Since Aquino III is President (2010),

137 activists are

extrajudicial killed and

14 were enforced disappeared like you,James.In their prisons there are more than 576 activists jailed.


Since that time they talk still about human rights.

But in reality they terrorize the people

and want to mislead and to derail the continuing search for James.


On your 52nd birthday we demand for

the complete truth and for the stop of impunity.


Our fight goes on

demanding for James Balao’s

immediate and unconditional surfacing,

until we know what happened with him in reality.


The Madres de Placo Mayo in Buenos Aires

demand since more than 30 years justice and truth.


But we know with Pablo Neruda:

They are able to destroy one flower,

but they can´t destroy the spring!”