Please note that there are still 3 male healthworkers who remain in
Bicutan jail.
Let’s continue to support them until they are freed.
ILPS Philippines

January 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

Greetings of peace and justice!

It is with immense joy that we write to you today to express our
heartfelt thanks for being with the Filipino people’s struggle to free
the Morong 43.  What began as a call for freedom and justice in the
Philippines spread like wild fire to become an international campaign
that history shall never forget  a force strong enough that even the
Philippine governments new administration found very hard to ignore.

Indeed, the release of most of the Morong 43 health workers on the
evening of December 17, 2010, is a fruit of the peoples struggle — a
shining example that can be replicated a hundred-fold to free other
political prisoners victimized by repressive regimes all over the world.

The Morong 43s freedom could never have tasted as sweet if not for
friends, who believed that health and human rights must be fought for in
order to be achieved, who continuously inspired us with the burning torch
of solidarity and braving obstacles just so they can show their support
in more ways than one.

If there is one thing that they learned from ten months of incarceration,
torture, and various forms of injustices, it is to become ever more
resolute in their commitment to serve the poor and lay down the
foundations of a people-managed health care system at the community level
and ensure a mechanism of access for all levels and type of health care.

More than a month after their release, the Morong 43 are back doing what
they do best  serving the marginalized sectors of society through the
provision of basic health services.  Recently, they were among those who
led teams of doctors, nurses, and community health workers in Payatas,
Quezon City in a medical and dental mission that served more than 600

Onward with the struggle for peoples health, onward with the struggle
for social change!

Free the 43 Health Workers! Alliance

Morong 43